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. the campaign played romney's bio video, the one he played at the republican convention, when asked about fema, he refused to answer questions. we'll be right (vo) brought to you by metlife. stay tuned for the answer. (vo) brought to you by metlife. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: apologize to those listening on the radio. jim has prepare -- jim has prepared to not catch my illness this morning. [ laughter ] how did find tinted goggles? >> yeah! >> stephanie: it looks like outbreak. >> it kind of looks like the fly. >> stephanie: he's wearing goggles and a medical mask and -- we can both get a free pap smear jacki. he's wearing plastic gloves. >> he looks like he might rob something. he has a ski cap on! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: mama's still a little eh. >> uh-oh. >> stephanie: okay. >> stephanie: little relap
as an independent, used to be a republican has endorsed president obama but we're not done yet. the final elbow on top of mitt romney's head is from the london-based newspaper the economist which is economically conservative. nonetheless, they're endorsing president obama. here's why they say they're doing that. "the extremism of his party referring to mitt romney is mr. romney's greatest handicap. this newspaper yearns for the more tolerant conserve t.i. of ronald reagan where it meant keeping the state out of people bead rooms as well as out of their businesses. mr. romney shows no signs of wanting to revive it." now, you know romney has become right wing when you look for the compassionate conservatism of ronald reagan. they also continue. "for all his business-like intentions mr. romney has an economic plan that works only if you don't believe most of what he says. that's not a convincing pitch for chief executive. and for all his short comings mr. obama has dragged america's economy back from the brink of disaster an
it should be. someplace where republicans can no longer ignore it. not to say they're not going to try. governor romney did his best today while he stood sort of oddly smiling and ulterly silent as a heck lir brought the issue to him during his remarks on the storm. [crowd booing] [crowd chanting u.s.a.] >> jennifer: that look on his face, it's as if he was reminding himself of the deal he struck to get this far. that he wouldn't talk about the climate. even though when he was governor he acknowledged global warming as a real problem that requires real solutions. but instead, mitt romney is going to speak only for his corporate funders and the dirty energy empires that many of them run doing what he has to keep the pipelines of oil and campaign cash flowing. and that includes pandering to the far right who shout u.s.a. rather than confronting this frightening reality that we have entered a new normal in which everyday life is punctuated by frequent and intensifying natural climate disasters. and the megaphone of th
stepped up to -- >> wow, i'm stunned bill. >> bill: i know we're saluting a republican. he stepped up to the plate. he put politics aside. he threw mitt romney under the bus, and said no i'm just going to focus on my state and the people of my state, and the people that need help and he got the president in there to new jersey. so to chris christie congratulations you got things done. brought to you by granger, call click on or stop by one of their branches. granger for the ones that get things done. peter before we get back to the campaign, this other issue we have had running throughout the morning is a big question. it stirred up a lot of debate last night -- or the last few days in new york. brian williams was really critical of new york city and the mayor, for allowing the new york marathon to go forward as scheduled on sunday even though half of manhattan is without power, and a lot of people are still hurting. >> the race starts in statton island, and goes through all five burrows. you look at the surrounding areas, statton island -- >> stat
" ♪ ] if they were so confident in mitt romney and his wildly popular personality and policies, they wouldn't have to be doing all of these dirty tricks, would they? it is interesting, chris. they seem to be following on the republican side. >> yeah, they are. huh. >> stephanie: with a week to go the nasty campaign tactics coming out. people have gotten calls falsely telling them they can vote early by phone and don't need to go to a polling place. you can't vote by phone anywhere in america. >> stephanie: in broward county florida. there's that county again. elderly voters requested absentee ballots. they were visited by unknown people authorized to collect the ballots. >> was one of them romney's son? wasn't he involved in some -- >> flag and fling. >> he's invested in voting machines. >> good. >> stephanie: there is a mysterious dvd popping up in mailboxes that purr reports to be a documentary raising the true identity of president obama's father. there is no official that picks up your ballot. >> there is no ballot d
Search Results 1,200 to 1,204 of about 1,205